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I've finally decided to get off the fence and write a book about robots. The working title is "Don't Fear the Robots: The Myth of the Robot Apocalypse". This means that at some time I will have to learn to spell "Apocalypse".

You are familiar with the Robot Apocalypse of course- you've seen it in movies and read about in books. The story goes that robots become intelligent and decide that they can run the world better than we can and (for our own good) either destroy or enslave humanity. So that includes even the original story "RUR" that gave us the word "Robot", the Terminator Movies, the Matrix, and even the recent fiction book, imaginatively titled "Robopocalypse". You can check out "Armed Robots.com" which keeps track of this subject.

I'm here to say its all bunk.

We are no closer to artificial intelligence now than we were 50 years ago. That may be a bit much of a statement - we have better computers, but the software still lags far behind. Just look at the effort required to have the IBM computer "Watson" play "Jeopardy". I think its a bunch of nonsense and that the Robot Apocalypse will never happen - and I'm going to write a book to prove it.

I've got my outline and I'm lining up interviews with leading robotics and artificial intelligence experts. I'll be posting snippets here from time to time to keep people interested. This should be a fun trip and I invite you along.

To remind you a bit about where I have been on this subject, you can read my posts on "EATR" or do a google search on "EATR - the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot" -- which, by the way, Scientific American lauded as one of the "100 Great Ideas".

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