ROBOT Magazine for June/July

Now on store shelves! The June/July Issue of Robot Magazine. My article on the ARCHER Hybrid gas/electric robot is featured. The Archer is a joint project between myself and Reflexx Robotics. It's a medium sized robot (300 lbs) that has both gas and electric power systems and had the potential to run for over 40 hours on a tank of gas.

Also this month, my artwork is featured in Unmanned Systems Magazine, the publication of AUVSI, in the article on the DARPA EATR Project, which is to create a ground vehicle that makes its own fuel. Both articles are robots for our modern times. I drew the silly "dog" cartoon at the top of the article.


  1. This is the wrong cover - this is last month's cover. I'll update with the right cover later. - francis

  2. OK - this is the right cover now.


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